Caveat / Second Mortgage Finance


The fastest, easiest way to borrow

An ideal finance option when you need cash urgently, or have bad credit ratings, a registered second mortgage or ‘caveat loan’ allowing you to use the equity you have available in your current property. For fast movers of the finance world, caveat loans provide invaluable short turnaround times — arranged and settled in as little as a few hours.

We consider each application for a caveat loan on an individual basis, looking at the loan purpose and specific assets provided as security, while developing an appropriate exit strategy.

Once this information has been assessed, we will quickly inform you of your borrowing options and applicable interest rate. If your application is approved, we will attend to the loan documents and lodge a registered caveat over the security property on your behalf.

Be it for a mortgage or an investment property, accessing funds has never been faster or easier than a caveat loan through Capital Securities Australia.

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