Loan purpose & details

The Application Process

Applying for business finance with Capital Securities Australia is really simple.

  1. Complete the loan detail form above and receive a call back to discuss or download and fill in the application form as much detail as possible
  2. Provide required documents with application form; Sale/Purchase contract, Rates Notice 1st and/or 2nd Mortgage Statements, 100pt ID Copies of any valuations

Once all this information is provided the application will be processed. We will issue an Indicative offer stating all fees and charges to you.


All loans must be for genuine business or investment purposes. We can only assist with finance if security for the loan is provided.

Suitable security is:

  • Any form of Australian Real Estate such as:
    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Rural
    • Vacant land
  • Premium Fine Art / Jewellery
  • Prestige Vehicles / Motor Cycles / Boats
  • Airplanes/Helicopters

An Exit Strategy is also required from any potential borrower. An Exit strategy demonstrates how the loan is to be repaid within the loan term for example sale of property or refinance.