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At Capital Securities Australia, we specialise in providing intelligent financing solutions to a wealth of diverse and widespread clients all around Australia.

Whether finance is required to meet an unexpected tax bill, or to take advantage of a once in a lifetime investment opportunity, CSA offers the fast and effective commercial solutions to assist our client’s in meeting the recurring challenges of doing business.

Operating outside of the traditional loan market occupied by banks, credit unions and other private lenders provides CSA with an edge over our competitors. We are able to offer short-term loans with greater speed and customisation to achieve our clients' specific needs.


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Work Fast, Work Smart

Capital Securities Australia is a national leader in short-term finance and bad credit debt consolidation; not only because of our rapid response time to loan requests, but also our capability to find innovative solutions to the new and unique problems that our clients encounter.

CSA is independent and self-funded, and all enquiries and loan processing are dealt with in-house. This means the person you speak with at the start of the process is the same person you speak to throughout — making it a smoother experience with a smarter result.

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